Saturday, 1 October 2011

On The Mend

Oscar has been quite poorly this week, and despite his normal good humour its been quite a difficult time for him.  One panicky call to NHS 24 at midnight on Wednesday and a trip to the Doc on Thursday seems to have sorted him out and I can report he is officially on the mend.

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Monday's

After many months of writing this blog, I have come to the realisation that Monday's and I just don't mix well. I don't keep a journal offline so I don't have a direct time-line laid out behind me any place other then here. The funny thing was of course, while I sat in the middle of the toddler chaos I then realised that it was 'ok' it was just a Monday and we don't get along, and after that, it didn't feel so bad. I doubt I am cured though, so expect plenty of Monday moans in the future, but as for today, it was alright actually.

Day 2 broccoli soup (always tastier than day 1)
Accompanied by home made bread rolls *
And homemade cookies and milk for afternoon snack
A game or two with the cat
And painting - of course

*If you make bread roll mice, expect some resistance when its time to put them into the oven. Oscar said 'NO! they are too cute' I managed to persuade him they would be happy being dunked into broccoli soup ;) Recipe For Children's Bread Rolls

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Just An Average Boy

I suppose to other people, Oscar is just an average boy. His physical development is about average and to a stranger his mental development probably seems about average. With us of course he is much more vocal and expressive and he is always showing us the new things he can do. The cry of "look at me Mama" is often met with a heart stopping moment because he is a bit of a dare-devil. We think he is advanced for his age, and not average at all, quite special in fact. But don't all parents think that about their children? Well, no actually, they don't. I was reminded of that this week when I had an awkward telephone call with my health visitor.

A little while ago Oscar started having a small problem with his eyes, nothing major but all the same I wanted it checked. I telephoned my HV and left a message asking her to contact me. The HV called back and I explained the problem and she made a referral to the eye clinic for us. In passing, I mentioned we had never seen our HV, the lady I was talking to was a stand in.  I had to call again last week with our change of address and another HV called back this week to confirm it. A rather tense call then followed, asking if everything was alright with Oscar. This HV had seen a note on the file saying NEVER seen a HV since coming to this practise when Oscar was 4 months old.  Oscar's immunisations were done by the nurse practitioner. The HV laughed nervously and said "well you are obviously the type of mum to pick up the phone when there is a problem". I could pick up on her tension very easily and I know why.  Last year a man was sentenced for 10 years for the death of a 23 month old toddler.  They were living just around the corner from where I was living for 2 years and had not seen a HV.  I actually became a little bit mad after the call. They don't know me at all, what if I wasn't a good mother, what if Oscar was at risk of danger from me or his Dad. What if Oscar wasnt an 'average' little boy at all, what if he was suffering in our hands, or was not developing normally and was being neglected.  The call ended with a high pitched "if there are any problems or anything you need to talk to us about, please call right away". What if I wasn't able to identify a possible problem, lots of parents don't know what they are meant to be looking for. Oscar has only just started playgroup, before this we were fairly insular, who would notice if things were going wrong.

My heart goes out to baby Brandon Muir, I hope that no other children are in danger the way he was. ( FULL STORY)

My average boy

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Monday, 19 September 2011

A Day Like Today

Sometimes there is no reason for it, tiredness perhaps, or more likely long term tiredness, or long term stress, nothing specific just the usual worries everyone has.  A friend I don't see very often called in for tea and chat this morning and it was lovely, so when the afternoon slumped into grumpiness and tiredness and general malady it was unexpected and yet not.  It happens a lot, Oscar was up early this morning and we were up late last night (painting the lounge doors after he was asleep). When we are all tired with no one to keep the energy going, its a difficult afternoon.
 We went in and out to the garden a lot, trying to avoid the showers but make the most of the sunshine, that always helps.
Oscar even found a slug to poke a stick at, but in the end, he squashed it (should I be worried or is that normal?).
I did what I always do though, changed nappies (again and again), made lunch, made snacks, picked up pine cones, crayons and chalks (over and over), supplied endless amounts of drinks, put wellies on, took wellies off (all afternoon), found some Pingu, read some stories, made dinner, got tearful because I forgot Daddy was going out again after dinner, got Oscar to bed, planned some TV and some knitting and read some blogs. Its not all that bad really, its just what it is, a day like today.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Doctor Doctor Beat(tie)

Oscar told me today that he was going to be a Doctor when he was big. After I picked myself up off the floor (did you know two and a half year old's understood the concept of when I am big?), I did what any responsible mother would do, and set him on the path to fulfilling his dreams.

Yes I know, he should be saying good-bye to the pacifier - we are working on it. But in this instance it is actually a colour match ;)

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Sealife Centre St Andrews

Oscar seemed fairly contented to spend another day in his PJ's on Sunday, but the truth was, I was going a bit stir crazy.

Where last Sunday had shone bright and and beautiful (post about last Sunday HERE), this Sunday was positively dismal.

Not to be beaten we headed to St Andrews Aquarium, hoping to give Oscar an afternoon of delights, since he has never been before. And, I have to say it was absolutely.....................naf. Don't get me wrong, Oscar enjoyed the fish, but at £8 per adult (Oscar was free), I was expecting more than 10-15 minutes worth of scruffy looking tanks. Strangely for an aquarium they had some merekats which were pretty cute, especially the baby ones, but again, a few minutes is about all you needed.  Oscar seemed to have more fun playing with a bead puzzle in a cafe we went to after we came out. We did go to the Aquarium cafe but it was really grubby, even the hand rail on the stairs to/from the Loo's was sticky (ick ick ick), so we left again without ordering.

So sorry, ST Andrews Aquarium, its a thumbs down from us, we wont be back any time soon.

Incidentally, Oscar slept all the way home and avoided the old puke bag.................hooray.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Grumpy Toddler !

Today was pretty much a blanket day, with neither of us (any of is in fact) feeling much better.  Much of this I assume was down to energy levels since Oscar was awake until just about midnight last night and was up screaming due to congestion at 6.15am. I decided to try and keep him awake during the day today to see if we cant get his sleeping pattern back on track. He has slept every afternoon this week, despite stopping his naps a good few weeks ago now.

By 4pm, both of us were pretty fed up and grumpy so I grabbed a mug of tea and headed into the garden.

After looking at the photo's you would be forgiven for thinking I/we did the right thing. But in actual fact Oscar cried the whole time. He wanted to come down the slide backwards and head first but couldn't manage it (thankfully). He didn't want to sit on the trampoline for juice he wanted at the table. The cat ran away when he charged at her and the sand was too soft for pies or castles.  We scuttled back in for his dinner at about 5 o'clock-ish and of course it tasted 'too horrible'. The bath was 'too hot' and his pyjamas were 'too tight'. I suppose though if I look in on him at 10pm and he is still asleep, it will all be worth it. Wont it?

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