Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tired Rambles

Lots of changes are happening but nothing entirely thrilling. A new calling at church, a new diet (as in lifestyle, not get skinny quick), a new cough and sore throat for O, a new pinterest board, a new book, a new study Bible, new medication.

Its a cold cold night and I am tucked up in bed in the dark. O and I share a room, divided by a curtain, (how very cabin in the woods right?), it is the compromise for a nice little house in a nice little area by the sea. O is breathing with little whirs and sighs, fast asleep. I have a little bed trolley on wheels, its pilled high with note books, headphones, the laptop, pens and medication, its great, it has become my little bed office.
I saw my doctor today, I need more bone tests, more fun and games.
Today was my day off. No more days off until Sunday. I am always so busy on Sundays, sometimes it doesn't feel like a Sabbath at all.
I did a mountain of laundry today, washed dried and put away (the up side of marriage abandonment = less laundry, the down side = no one to share the chores).
I made a very green soup for lunch (stock, courgettes, onions, broccoli, kale, garlic, ginger, coriander), with plenty left for tomorrow.
I keep being told that cola is very bad for bone pain/conditions, so I haven't had any for 2 days, its not been easy, I had an alcohol free beer on Saturday night instead (which quite probably eradicates any good).
I am so terribly terribly tired, I think its lack of caffeine!
I have cottage cheese with prawns on oatcakes waiting for supper. I had better eat it soon lest I be too tired to lift my hand.

I am off to walk with my women friends before supper and sleep.
Bye for now.

Happy New Year

Passing One's Time

Planning :

my new art classes commencing in January

Reading :

Has to be done, Christmas piggy glut has been shameless

Making :

mine is white with a blue trim
which I am knitting as a prayer shawl

I also have a star cushion project and a granny square crochet project on the go for the shop.

Its all steam ahead on the creative front my darlings !

Toodle pip for now

Some Christmas Pics 2015

Well, despite some dicky tums we managed to enjoy our Christmas time. We have had a couple of Christmas dinners, as one does at this time of year, and thankfully no more sick bowls by the bedside.
I thought I would share a random selection of pics, not too many lest your eyes glaze over.

Santa was played by our stake president and a jolly fine Santa he was !

O and I in our Christmas jim jams

Despite owning 1960s smoked glass champagne saucers, Santa gets a sip of milk in a Mormon household

1980s flashback, O asked Santa for a Rubiks cube

Turns out O was rather fearful of  the Christmas crackers this year - not the faintest idea why

we grow rather pretty ladies in this family - sister, daughter, niece

my turn to cook, loving my apron

Tartan crackers for the missionarries - which were preposterously difficult to pull

Today I am taking the little chap to see the new Star Wars movie. Naughty Mummy has seen it already with a friend (in the interest of determining its suitability you understand), and I thought it was pretty splendid. I don't expect it will be too frighting for him, you can most definitely tell that Disney has had their little stir in the mix.

I hope you are all having a jolly holiday.
Toodle pip for now

p.s. I have a new Lindy Bop dress on order for New Years :)