Monday, 25 July 2016

+ Vacation +

We are away on our hols right now, in Gibraltar, and we are having a lovely time. I will be picking up the blog when we return in August. I hope you are having a wonderful summer?

Sunglasses Ebay - LINK HERE and kaftan from Primark.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

+ Cat Tales +

So, the cat in the title 'Sketchbook & Cat' is my best little furry friend, Tilly Tiger-Lilly (also known as Till, Tillington and Tillbill).

We got Tilly just over a year ago when our spirits were very low. When my ex husband left us we had to move into a tiny little flat and as a result we had to re-home our 2 cats and our puppy. I was really angry about the puppy because we had only had her for a few months (and so my ex knew he would be breaking the family apart when we got her).

Oscar was devastated losing his home, his pets and his family as he knew it in one fell sweep. After a few months I decided I didnt like being a pet-less home and since we had already had to endure the deaths of 2 goldfish (more loss for Oscar), I just thought 'blow it, I'm just going to get us a kitten'.

Tilly was born on the 18th May 2015 and she came to live with us when she was 8 weeks. She was a tiny little thing but not in the least bit shy. We were all covered in little kitten scratches for the first few months because she jumped and pounced at us all the time.

I would say that Tilly is black, but in reality she is very very dark brown. All of the cats we have had have been a little bit crazy and Tilly is no exception, she runs around meowing at nothing in particular, hunts invisible objects and spends a lot of her day squawking back at the birds outside.

This week Tilly was in season and it has honestly been driving us nuts. She is an indoors cat so no babies on the way. I will definitely have to make an appointment with the vet soon, because I dont think any of us could stand the purr-peoooow several times a year.

Tilly also picked her own sleeping spot at the top of the stairs (we have only been living in this flat for 2 months), and today she got her very first collar. When she came to us she had a little blue ribbon tied around her neck and so prompted by that I bought her a little blue collar with a bell.

At the time of writing, Tilly is sleeping beside me on my bed, looking very very cute.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

+ What I Wore Wednesday +

This is going to be my weekly clothes update day, but since I only decided to start it today, I don't have any new outfits to show you. What I can do though is show you some of my old blog outfit posts.
Remember to come back next Wednesday for my current daily outfits.

Link to Lindy Bop site HERE

I really love this dress, its satin and floaty and very pretty, with enough structure to make me feel held in. I am going to buy a net underskirt to wear with this very soon.

Ok so you cant see much of this dress, but its red, polka, stretchy, and has little cap sleeves. It is a tiny bit clingly around the bum and tum, but other than that its a great dress. (charity shop)

This dress was very heavy to wear, but quite flattering. I am a big fan of black and white dresses, but sadly this dress was ruined in the wash (the white turned pink and wouldn't come out), charity shop.

I made this tartan skirt for Burns night, and in my attempt to make it non revealing I made it too big. I had to double pin it at the waist. The top is definitely a colour that suits me, but it was maybe a bit to shape revealing.

I love everything about this dress, the 1940s shape, the colour and the satin fabric. It was a tiny bit too low in the front so I added a piece of green ribbon to cover my modesty. The dress was from Amazon and the silver sparkle shoes were from Primark.

This dress was another wash day casualty, which is a real shame because this was a really nice dress, although just a wee bit hot to wear because of the fairly thick fabric (charity shop)

I loved this dress (and necklace) but they were pre marriage breakup and I did a huge cull on most of my things when my husband left. (it was from New Look, and the necklace was a gift from my EX)