Saturday, 26 July 2014

moved again

Way back in 2011, my very first blog was called Mama Was Born In The 60s, feeling all nostalgic his sent me back there.
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Friday, 11 July 2014


Sorry its all gone a bit quiet on the blog. Its the school holidays, and a new addition to the family has kept us all busy.

Her name is Biba and she is an 8 week old Labrador Retriever puppy. We can't take her out yet, because she has not had her full vaccinations, but rest assured there will be plenty of pictures to follow when we finally get her on to the beach.

Having a puppy is like having a baby in the house, and although she is going outside to toilet (amazingly, but she did come from a gamekeepers estate), she doesn't sleep through the night and gets up at 5.30am.

Oscar is fairing well despite quite a few playful nips and an almighty scratch from a generally grumpy old lady cat.

We are off to watch the movie STOKER and munch on some chips and dips, and totally relax, since it is a Friday.
In case you are looking for something to watch yourself, here is a rough wee clip of Oscar's stage school. Prizes for spotting my little Thespian in the crowd.

Have A Great Weekend


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

some summer

Elder Davis 

. . . . . lost 2 baby teeth

Getting To The End

As we reach the end of the school year, in fact its the end of Oscar's time at nursery, things have gotten quite hectic. Every day seems to have some sort of scheduled activity. We are all really looking forward to a little break.
Here are some snaps from the last few days.

Elder Davis sniffing some alcohol free whiskey flavouring -
the cake in the foreground was banana and peanut butter and it was awesome.

We have had some glorious days

Oscar made a laptop from a cardboard Amazon box

We got a crew together to paint my Mother's garden fence

I have been nibbling on this whilst watching episodes of 24 on Netflix 
and crocheting a black and white blanket for my bed.

We made paper chains with the missionaries and talked about each family member being a link in a chain.

I have also been to a funeral, and had several church meetings. Duncan has started a new job. Aimee has been for 2 college interviews. Oscar has had a tummy bug, and become obsessed with loom bands, 
and also . . . . . . 

. . . . . lost 2 baby teeth

Over the next few days we have, the last days of nursery, the last rehearsals for Oscar's theatre show, a birthday party, the actual show, church, an online course starting for myself, and a very special 'viewing' (more on that to follow).
Not exactly the lazy days of summer, yet.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Budget Mall Haul - Boots, Primark, Sports Direct

Ok, so I am not the typical You Tube, sleek, shiny, young, hip vlogger, but that's no reason not to have a go.  And, Oscar is the cutest little guy ever.

Thanks For Watching


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

28 Days Of Covering

When I had been covering my head for a wee while, I asked my husband what his thoughts on it were. The answer surprised me. He liked it, but hadn't seen a lot of them because he worked out of town and my hair was uncovered for him coming home. That, had not even crossed my mind.
So mostly for Duncan, but also for anyone else interested, here is 28 Days Of Head Covering.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday Money Savers

Organic Muesli 1kg
Reduced From £3.89 to £1.96

From Tesco
Mixed Seed Rolls
Reduced From 85p to 72p

From Tesco
Low Fat Yogurts
50p each or 3 for £1.00

From Superdrug
Cleansing Facial Wipes 

From Superdrug
Vitamin E Moisturising Day Cream

From Superdrug
Vitamin E Eye Cream

From Superdrug
Simply Pure Cleanser

Superdrug Buy One Get One Half Price Offer =
£9.56 minus a save of £1.99 = £7.57 to pay

Original prices total £15.53
Actual Cost £11.25
Total Savings = £4.28

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


sleepy head

In his classroom

Ready with Teddy for the picnic