Wednesday, 3 April 2013

At 4

3rd April 2013

At 4 Oscar

  • Still loves to play at being a member of Scooby Doo's gang, more than any other game
  • Does not like being dressed and will happily play all day in his vest
  • Asks for sausages most days (but does not get them)
  • Loves nursery so much (day 3 in a row of crying because nursery is closed)
  • Has 2 best friends Evie and Millie

3rd April 2013

  • Has started swimming lessons and finds them enjoyable but splashy
  • Has shown a strong aptitude for drawing (at nursery)
  • Complains every day that he wants it to be summer or Halloween
  • Loves his cats but has still not learnt to stop scaring them half to death
  • Cries that no one ever sends him parcels in the post

3rd April 2013
  • Has started playing console games and it currently playing Rayman
  • Still wants face paint or make up on despite hating getting his face washed
  • Told me yesterday that one of his best things was his Mummy
  • Dresses up in at least one weird outfit per day

3rd April 2013

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