Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yarn Along


Oscar decided he needed a new hat (for spring, it is Scotland after all).
I asked him what colour he wanted it to be (colour, single)
and he said, yellow, blue, and purple with a green pom-pom.
All very spring like, I am sure you will agree.


Well, I gave up on the bodice ripper I was reading a few weeks ago, because in the end, I decided it was too saucy for me.
I was in the mood for a good dose of fiction, but after the last book I wasn't sure what to read.
 I decided I couldn't go too far wrong with a book about the Amish. 
I was right, its fairly innocent in terms of hanky panky and the language is completely 
Sisters Of The Quilt is a 3 book collection and I was glad I didn't buy them
separately because I am already a bit in to book 2.
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The 2nd book is a non fiction book, and I am really loving it. 
You can find the author HERE on her blog.
This book has really helped me overcome some of my creative blocks,
and so far I have -
Started a sketchbook journal,
Identified what I need to do to allow myself to draw/paint/sketch
Arranged specific times for me to 'work' (starting from next week)
And set up a work space (in my bedroom).
These are massive achievements. I cant wait to get started.

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Joining in with GINNY and friends for Yarn Along


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