Friday, 16 October 2015

The Highland Shawl From 'That' Show

Ah, Friday nights, they are great aren't they. I now have to work on a Saturday so its not the same as it used to be, but there are no classes in the studio its just my little shop open. I have some great Autumn projects in the pipeline including some knitted items inspired by one of my favorite TV shows, Outlander, (FYI, yes a bit saucy and a bit bloody, but very Scottish and a visual feast of the landscape I know and love). Anyhoo, first up, this amazing shawl designed by Carolyn Macpherson who blogs at THE NEXT BEAUTIFUL THING.

Carolyn has very kindly given me permission to make up shawl kits using yarns I have for sale in the shop and print off and pop the free pattern into each bag. I have just knitted one up for myself in an alpaca and wool blend and its super yummy. Keep a look out on the shop site for more details about the kits HERE

So, yes, back to Friday night. I am going to do a spot of knitting (what else), treat myself to a wee bar of M&S white chocolate (because I am allergic to milk and dark chocolate). And watch a wee bit of Highland high jinx

Unluckily for me I don't have to fight off the unwanted advances of a big kilt wearing red headed Scotsman. Life is not without its dangers though. There seems to be a merciless attack coming from the south !

Have a great weekend

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