Friday, 17 February 2012


V 005


I finally finished knitting the shawl for my mother in law, and I liked it so much I have cast on one for myself in blues (above). The green one for my M-I-L was in 3ply and took much longer to knit but it looked very pretty and delicate when it was done.


Oscar birthday 051


Oscar birthday 049
A vintage brooch and some diabetic chocolate to go with it


Also off the pins have been a baby cloak, sent to a new baby a few weeks ago.


C 001


C 003


C 007


And don't forget Oscar's birthday snake


V 007


Its not just my knitting which is blue though, I am feeling a bit blue (low), myself. I hope its a temporary blip, this stay at home Mama business is just so hard (lonely) sometimes.




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