Thursday, 27 February 2014



I have been a bit silent here over the last week, and that's because I have been down with a horrible chest and head cold. 
 I have been staggering through the days and realizing that my husband working in another city (which is about 2 hours away), means that there is no help here when I feel horrible.  
Anyway, on to the kitting, or crochet as it is this week, and as you can see I made myself a 'granny triangle'? shawl. 
 I had about 150g of the chunky blue yarn left over from Oscars birthday vest (see last week's yarn along), and so in my cold feeling a bit sorry for myself state I decided a cozy shoulder shawl was just the ticket. 
I really cant crochet much, so I went to You Tube and watched a tutorial on how to make a granny triangle (as opposed to a granny square), and off I went.
 It is very cozy and just right for a project which does not need much thought. 
I am going to do one more round in grey and I am thinking of fringes for the 2 shorter sides, what do you think?


Sitting At The Feet Of The Rabbi Jesus
By Anne Spangler and Lois Tverberg

I have wanted to read this book for a long time, but I did not want to read anything that would mix me up when I was trying to learn Doctrine from my Scriptures.
Now I have started reading, I can see that this book if fairly compatible with a lot of the Doctrine from our church, (which is fantastic).
Because we are a 'restored' church we do follow a lot of the thoughts and principles of the ancient Jews (with the Christ being the notable exception of course).
Anyway, the authors are Christian and so there is no doubt in their minds that Jesus was and is The Son of God and so the book is just brilliant to read. 
The cover says it can transform your faith.  
Well, I don't need my faith transformed but it can certainly make you feel more connected to the living Christ. Just wonderful.

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