Thursday, 22 May 2014

An Amazing Guy !

Last year one of the missionaries who baptised me was sent to 
teach the Gospel in another area.
I was extremely sad to see him go and shed a few tears.
A new missionary came in his place 
(Mormon missionaries are always in a companionship of 2 or 3).
I conceded that although I was sure 'the new guy' 
would be very nice, it just wouldn't be the same. 
Well my goodness, did the new guy not turn out to be 
one of the most amazing young men we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Elder Tinsley became very precious to us,
and in fact was the missionary my daughter asked to baptise her,
just a few months after I was baptised.

Inevitably Elder Tinsley went on to another area too, and we were very sad
to see him go.
In case you don't know, missionaries are just 'ordinary' young men and women
who volunteer themselves to serve on our Lords mission for 2 years.
I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be sent off to a new
country and try and share the Gospel with a somewhat unwilling audience.  

There are 3 missionaries who will forever be in my heart because 
they shared such an intimate part of my life, my journey into 

Elder Craig Butikofer
Who taught me the Gospel and performed my baptism

Elder Spencer McCarthy
Who taught me the Gospel and performed my confirmation

And Elder Joshua Tinsley
Who taught me the Gospel and became such a wonderful and amazing friend to 
all of our family

Our trip to Edinburgh last week was to say goodbye to 
Elder Tinsley, as he is now finished his mission
and its time for him to get back in to normal life.

Thank you SO much for serving a mission Elder Tinsley
The Lord certainly knew what he was doing
when He sent you to teach us.
We will be forever indebted to you, please come back soon

(p.s. yes I did cry a lot, again! lol)


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