Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Chazza Shopping Lately

Sometimes you find things that you are actually looking for,
and sometimes you find things you were looking for
months ago.
Either way, it causes a bit of excitement if the prices are good.

Silver plated ballerina ring holder, 99p - Save The Children
I have wanted a ring holder for ages,
but it was the cone type that I had my eye out for.
I love this one even more,
 (I am still looking for a square ballerina jewellery box, circa 1970s)

Wall mounted telephone table, £3.50, Save The Children
(sorry about the crumby photo's, our hallway is very dark)
I have wanted one of these for years and years, and £3.50 is a fabulous price 

Vintage Vanity Case £1.99 Oxfam
Again, I have wanted one of these for years,
They sell for silly money plus postage on Ebay,
so I have always resisted.
We have a little road trip coming up in 2 weeks,
and this will be just the ticket

Blouse £2.99 British Heart Foundation

I have been watching a lot of this lately -------->

(the first 68 episodes are on You Tube)
And I felt a bit like channelling an Angie Watts blouse, circa 1985
This blouse isn't vintage, its F&F but I really like it and that's the whole point.

I am sure there are a few things I have bought that I have forgotten
to photograph,
ah well,  I will get to them eventually.

Happy chazza shopping!
If you are so inclined

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