Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Green Birkenstock Shoes

I went to look at another house today, in the same area as yesterday (a lovely area). The house this time was much larger inside but a 1960s build as opposed to a period property. I have to say its not my usual choice of house, but the room sizes, big garden and river views drew me in. The owner and her daughter showed me around and as we were chatting about floor coverings I pointed out my footwear. It was pouring from the heavens today so green birkens were quite inappropriate, but since I have a broken toe, they are about the only shoes I can wear. I didn't want them to think I was some sort of crazy in sandals in the rain. The conversation went,

owner -'but they are green'

me - 'yes I have a thing for green shoes, actually green is my favorite colour'

owner - 'oh my goodnes, you are a Sagittarius

me - 'em, yes I am actually'

owner - 'I knew it, so am I'

me - 'oh right ok'

owner - 'oh I knew we just clicked, I like you so much, you can have the house if your references are good. When would you like to move in?'

me - 'um, next week?'

owner - 'sure, no problem'

me - ' um'

So, I think we have a house, although I cant be sure, can I?



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