Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Final Countdown

3 - Days until we move into our new house.

10 - Weeks since we moved into this house.

74 - The number of hours until the removal vans arrive

100's - The number of things still to be packed.

4 - The number of boxes still to be unpacked from the last move.

17 - The number of miles from this house to the city centre.

1.75 - The number of miles from the new house to the city centre.

1 or 2 - The number of hours sleep without stress I am likely to get in the next week.

1 - The number of 2 year olds likely to hold up the packing by demanding carboard box city be built in the dining room.

2 - The number of cats likely to exercise bladder spasms due to the stress of moving (grrrr)

1 - The number of older children likely to be sulky over the enforced older child labour required in a house move.

2 - The number of beds which have broken in the past 3 days (I cant explain it).

54 - Mbps, the speed my internet claims to be running at.

12 - The speed my rural BT/Virgin media internet is probably going at.

5 - The number of schedualed post I have written for next week when my internet is off.

1 - People with cars who have offered to help us move.

 Oh and while we are at it

123 - Days until Christmas 'Ho-H0-H0'


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