Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sleeping Aids

I don't wish to talk in a negative fashion about anyone on my blog, especially my own husband, but for the background on this post, I have to point out MAN can that guy snore. I have been using the gel type ear plugs for a while now (Oscar calls them 'mummy's yucks', cute and gross at the same time), but they always fall out, get lost under the bed and appear with fluff and hair stuck to them. On Friday night, or should I say 2.30am Saturday morning, I was at my most grumpy wits end when his snoring was keeping me awake. I decided then, to look for new ear plugs.

Inevitably, an internet search brought up this lovely picture, above

Well obviously I liked the idea of pretending I was a party girl sleeping off my hectic social life, as opposed to a grumpy unglamorous mama with a husband who snores, (who doesn't want to look a bit like Audrey sometimes?).

So off mouse clicking I went and turned up these
And they were a very reasonable price too (LINKY), £5.99, so I bought them and began looking for the eye mask. It took a while but I did eventually find one

 But I couldn't believe the price (LINKY),  at £19 + postage, I am afraid I just couldn't do it. I mean £19, come off it.

So I searched on good old Ebay, and purchased a plain turquoise eye mask for £1.99 and I also picked up some gold ribbon at the wool shop for 80p, and made my own for the sum of £2.79 who can argue with that.

Right, I am off to catch up on my beauty sleep darlings, see you all at my place after 10pm for cocktails.



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