Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Headbanging Piano Playing Barbie Doll

  • We are spending much of our time trawling through the classifieds and property websites looking for a new house. We have 2 viewings lined up for 8th August which look very promising, 3 beds, dining kitchen, large lounge, period properties, private gardens, only a bitty over our ideal budget. We cant afford to sit back for a week and wait though, we lost a house from one afternoon to the next morning last week because we didnt get in to view fast enough.

  • I have been super organised this week and made out a weekly food menu and shopped for that menu (are you proud of me? eh? eh?). This weeks cook book is

  Good Food: 101 Budget Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes

by Jane Hornby, I tend to stick to one book a week so I dont have to go looking through a pile of books. Tonight Mr B is cooking Aubergine creamy curry for us (nom nom).

  • I have started a planner so I can get to grips with the chaos around me. I have been ill for quite a while now more info here, and not to mention stressed, so things have really slid into a bit of a mess. My aim this week is to identify the problems and list ways to fix them

  • Oscar and Mr B have had some lovely Father - Son time. I wouldn't call it bonding time, they are already pretty bonded as it is.

Fresh home made pasta

  • And today....... I dropped the sofa (moving furniture again) on my foot, ripped my big toenail off and broke 2 toes....... ouchy-flippin-ouch. Now I am stuck on the sofa, the bloomin offender, oh the irony of it.

Since I hate leaving on a low note, ahem, check out the link to my first video upload. I love that boy SO much.

My first video upload

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