Monday, 19 September 2011

A Day Like Today

Sometimes there is no reason for it, tiredness perhaps, or more likely long term tiredness, or long term stress, nothing specific just the usual worries everyone has.  A friend I don't see very often called in for tea and chat this morning and it was lovely, so when the afternoon slumped into grumpiness and tiredness and general malady it was unexpected and yet not.  It happens a lot, Oscar was up early this morning and we were up late last night (painting the lounge doors after he was asleep). When we are all tired with no one to keep the energy going, its a difficult afternoon.
 We went in and out to the garden a lot, trying to avoid the showers but make the most of the sunshine, that always helps.
Oscar even found a slug to poke a stick at, but in the end, he squashed it (should I be worried or is that normal?).
I did what I always do though, changed nappies (again and again), made lunch, made snacks, picked up pine cones, crayons and chalks (over and over), supplied endless amounts of drinks, put wellies on, took wellies off (all afternoon), found some Pingu, read some stories, made dinner, got tearful because I forgot Daddy was going out again after dinner, got Oscar to bed, planned some TV and some knitting and read some blogs. Its not all that bad really, its just what it is, a day like today.

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