Monday, 12 September 2011

Sealife Centre St Andrews

Oscar seemed fairly contented to spend another day in his PJ's on Sunday, but the truth was, I was going a bit stir crazy.

Where last Sunday had shone bright and and beautiful (post about last Sunday HERE), this Sunday was positively dismal.

Not to be beaten we headed to St Andrews Aquarium, hoping to give Oscar an afternoon of delights, since he has never been before. And, I have to say it was absolutely.....................naf. Don't get me wrong, Oscar enjoyed the fish, but at £8 per adult (Oscar was free), I was expecting more than 10-15 minutes worth of scruffy looking tanks. Strangely for an aquarium they had some merekats which were pretty cute, especially the baby ones, but again, a few minutes is about all you needed.  Oscar seemed to have more fun playing with a bead puzzle in a cafe we went to after we came out. We did go to the Aquarium cafe but it was really grubby, even the hand rail on the stairs to/from the Loo's was sticky (ick ick ick), so we left again without ordering.

So sorry, ST Andrews Aquarium, its a thumbs down from us, we wont be back any time soon.

Incidentally, Oscar slept all the way home and avoided the old puke bag.................hooray.

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