Monday, 26 September 2011

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Monday's

After many months of writing this blog, I have come to the realisation that Monday's and I just don't mix well. I don't keep a journal offline so I don't have a direct time-line laid out behind me any place other then here. The funny thing was of course, while I sat in the middle of the toddler chaos I then realised that it was 'ok' it was just a Monday and we don't get along, and after that, it didn't feel so bad. I doubt I am cured though, so expect plenty of Monday moans in the future, but as for today, it was alright actually.

Day 2 broccoli soup (always tastier than day 1)
Accompanied by home made bread rolls *
And homemade cookies and milk for afternoon snack
A game or two with the cat
And painting - of course

*If you make bread roll mice, expect some resistance when its time to put them into the oven. Oscar said 'NO! they are too cute' I managed to persuade him they would be happy being dunked into broccoli soup ;) Recipe For Children's Bread Rolls

newpiccys 183
newpiccys 187

newpiccys 015

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newpiccys 027

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