Thursday, 8 September 2011

No Change

We are still all feeling very poorly, and no one has all that much of an appetite either. Its funny when you are ill that you desire both healthy food (fresh juice and plenty vitamin C foods), and unhealthy food, stodge I think we call it, but usually in very small quantities. I have staggered to the kitchen each day this week and cooked up some fresh soup, today's being Pea and mint (with creme fraiche), and yesterdays was squash and carrot. To balance things up I have made brownies, plum cake and apricot slices (recipe HERE for the slices).  Today I managed jam biscuits and chocolate muffins. Oscar delved into the jammy-ness and didn't look at muffins, ah well maybe tomorrow.

And as for my knitting, I had to start again, again. Sniffle.



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