Monday, 5 September 2011

We Are Baaaaack

Hello, Bloggy Land, oh how I missed you. 10 days without internet, how totally disgusting, it seems so long. What ever did we do without it. Especially before we had mobile phones, because since the land-line and the internet went in together it was my only media tool. Anyway, here we are, back in the city, back in the west end. Its been 2 years and 3 months since we left the west end and 3 months since we left the city. Its good to be back. We are still figuring out the quirks in the house, like the incredibly squeaky floorboards in our room (one of the only rooms not carpeted), the cutlery drawer which requires you to partly open the oven to get into it (due to the large oven door handle), and the sticky (as in gets stuck) front door. We have painted the lounge already because I figured it was best to quickly brighten it up before unpacking all the knick knacks. It was white before and we only gave it a coat of white to brighten it up, unlike the roof which was green or the cornice which was beige (they took 3 white coats). Who paints their roof green by the way?

Its the newest house we have lived in, being built in the late 60s early 70s and its also the largest. We are still marveling at the space. I suspect I will have things moved around quite a few times over the next few months, not by me though, I still have a broken big toe and dodgy toenail.

Both Oscar and me have developed some sort of lurgy right now and both feel dreadful. Oscar has slept on the sofa for 2 hours and counting so it looks like we will be having a late night. I am sitting with the laptop some herbal tea and the oscillating fan right now. I am blaming you 'C' I know you had it first ;)

I have a few pictures to share from the last week, but none of the house really, I promise to take some when the last of the boxes are cleared away.

Please do say hello in the comments, I have missed you all in Bloggland.

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