Sunday, 23 October 2011

Family Fun

On Saturday we spent ages trying to think what  to do for the day. I spent an hour on the laptop looking at the 'what's on' section with no luck. Oscar was looking a bit tired and anything overly energetic would not have been a good move. We decided to go out for lunch at the very least, and since we are not keen on taking the little guy into pubs, we went to the art gallery/museum, (at the recommendation of a friend).

The lunch was very nice, with a good selection of children's choices too. Afterwards we allowed Oscar explore the building. He has been to the galleries before, but it was about last year at this time, so he does not remember. This time, he thoroughly enjoyed the paintings (and especially the ones with little phones beside them, explaining  the work), and the display cases, with artifacts from all ages, including a viking longboat and an Egyptian sarcophagus, right through to 1970's fashion. The bones of a whale hang from the roof in one of the rooms, and I remember as a child being in awe of them myself. Oscar was no different, and it was lovely to know some things never change.

There is a Cecil Beaton exhibit running just now, and in honour of it, a family photo workshop was open. Oscar was able to draw pictures of us, look through old photo's and finally have his photo taken in (a weird mish mash), costume of his choosing.

The Mcmanus Art Gallery and Museum is free, and we spent much longer there than we had anticipated. I would highly reccommend it to locals.

The following photos are a bit blurry because they were taken on my phone, but I thought they were worth posting anyway.

2011-10-22 13.50.21

2011-10-22 14.09.34






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