Monday, 16 January 2012

Cold And Frosty

P 006

Both inside and out, it has been cold and frosty. My clothes hating child has been nagged all day to please let me put more clothes on him, but he has stubbornly refused. I have resorted to putting blankets on the sofa and snatching him up every so often for a warming.

Since it was so cold, we did not go out at all today, but that doesn't mean Oscar didn't find some dirt to play in.

P 003
If my bulbs don't grow, it may well be because Daphne from the scooby gang was deep dirt diving.

I took some photos of the garden, which I have to admit I am becoming more and more fond of, and Oscar asked me to photograph the front garden from his window too.

P 008
back garden


P 007
back garden


P 005
front garden


You may notice we don't have a fence between us and next doors back garden. It blew down in all the wind, and unfortunately the neighbour and the landlord seem to be at a disagreement about (the cost) of putting it back up. It had better get sorted out soon though, since Oscar has already taken some trips over there.

This afternoon Oscar took a nap for the 2nd day in a row which illustrates how messed up his sleeping pattern still is. I expect we will be struggling to get his little head on the pillow before 10pm tonight. I guess there is nothing to be done about it now.


P 010

And finally, I am feeling a little frosty within myself. This is a weird thing to say here, but I am not sure how else to approach it. The blog has a unique visitor counter (which you will know if you use Typepad), and so I know that a lot more people view the pages, than leave comments. I am fine with that, in fact I am just happy to find people are actually looking at it. What I do find odd, is that someone I actually know is reading the blog and not admitting to it. I cannot be sure of the reasons for this, but it feels like being snooped on. The blog is open for anyone to read (and to leave or not leave comments as they wish). But it does make me feel funny when someone see's me face to face and has never acknowledged they knew what we did at the weekend and even saw the pictures. Anyway, Typepad has a visitor trackback and an IP referral address log. I just thought I should say.




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