Monday, 30 January 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 4 & Other Bits and Bobs

Last weeks challenge was week 4 - The Fridge and Freezer. I will say off the bat that I did not do the freezer because A. it was thoroughly done (defrosted and cleaned) 4 months ago when we moved here and B. it has been pretty empty lately (mostly due to a giant turkey and a frozen cake the size of a football pitch residing in there for most of December). What I did do, is ask Duncan to bring the freezer into the kitchen from the garage. Its not that going to the garage is a big problem, and Oscar loves to run to garage and back in the dark when I am cooking dinner. Its just that my memory is awful and I am always standing in the kitchen trying to remember if I bought frozen peas or not. Anyway, I  think it will be much more convenient to have the freezer in the kitchen again, especially for cooking batches and saving leftovers.

The fridge I did do though, and once again I am fairly annoyed by the amount of things which had to be thrown away (past their date or gone wrinkly). I am trying very hard to reduce kitchen waste right now so it is a poor show. I am partly blaming this on the fact that the fridge is a single fridge and was on the floor and fairly difficult to see into. It is now sitting on top of the freezer and is much easier to look around. Evidence..........


H 008


H 009


H 010


This week the Challenge is to organise your recipes and cook books.

You can find the details on the challenge site HERE

And in other news, some cute play with sand and buttons.


H 001


H 002


H 003


H 004


And some experiments with WALDORF WATERCOLOUR PAINTING


H 011


I was pretty sceptical about this, because I felt that Oscar may find it dull after being let loose with 'garish' poster paints. I rounded the corners of medium weight watercolour paper and chose one colour, red. I chose red because Steiner theorised that lively loud children will go for red and be affected (relaxed) by the complimentary colour, blue. If you are thinking the wet on wet effect doesn't look all that exciting you are probably right, but surprisingly Oscar really enjoyed the for thought. Maybe I will try blue the next time and see if it holds his interest.

After the painting we started candle making for Candlemass on the 2nd of Feb. We used up old (saved) candle ends and the 'seen better days' walnuts from the Winter/Nature table. It was tricky, but we spooned the wax in with a teaspoon and Oscar managed to help with no hot wax accidents.


H 014


H 015


And finally, I did a little bit of household management today too.


H 006


I am not sure if I will use it every day, but I would probably benefit greatly if I did.






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