Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year

Yesterday was another bright and clear day, very unlike today since we are having gale force winds and torrential rain right now (our lights/electricity is dipping on and off). I think I have either pulled a chest muscle or I have a chest infection lurking so while I hid indoors yesterday Oscar and Duncan did some spring bulb planting, the first of the new year. Hopefully the first of many.

In the early afternoon we hung out together and Oscar demonstrated how to decorate a castle with salt dough ornaments (as one does),

In the late afternoon and early evening we went New Year visiting with family, and Oscar was, as always, in his element.

With no afternoon nap he was very tired by evening and actually fell asleep in the taxi on the way home, only to waken briefly to change in his pyjama's and pop into bed for a story (Meg and Mog and The Witch's Spell Party is the current favorite).

Oh yes, and although this wasnt last night, I thought I would show you evidence that he does actually have his own bed, and even sometimes gets into it.

Isn't he just so cute

14 033

14 034

Oscar In Mirror

Photo 01-01-2012 19 42 57

Photo 02-01-2012 11 33 58

Photo 02-01-2012 11 36 20

Photo 02-01-2012 11 49 23


Photo 02-01-2012 17 57 17

Photo 02-01-2012 17 57 38

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