Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Good Friday

The nursery visit went well yesterday, and I liked it much better than the private nurseries we have been to. The staff were on the whole a little older (are young girls cheaper to employ at the private places?), and the ratio was good. The toys and activities were endless, including 5 computers, loaded with age appropriate activities. The building itself is fairly old, but they are moving premises after the summer term to a brand new building, which I have been told is fantastic, and even has a parents suite for parents to have a coffee or tea on the premises. Most importantly though, Oscar seemed to like it. He played with the water and the sand and did a painting and then ate a snack at snack time (apple, orange and banana), although he did complain that the drink of water he was offered was a bit watery lol, (they only offer water or milk, no juice).

2012-03-23 09.48.23


Since Oscar had been up since 5.30am I took the pushchair with us. The pushchair is slowly becoming a thing of the past, but on days when Oscar is tired it is still a blessing.


2012-03-23 11.32.46


In the afternoon Granny came for afternoon tea and we even managed to sit out in the garden for a while.


D 009
And of course there was cake, homemade strawberry sponge and shop bought cream yummies


The weekend is looking not too bad either since I have had a vintage sewing pattern arrive from USA and this little stash of fabric to play with.


D 011


A little bit of sunshine would be good too, but it is Scotland and you cant have everything.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.




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