Wednesday, 4 July 2012


We have been seriously lacking on the craft front lately, what with all the illness and upset, but I guess its fair to say we are slowly getting our mojo back. So, we had a bit of a craft afternoon.

First we tried some home made lava lamp experiments.

As per the instructions from The Crafty Crow , we mixed 2 parts water, 1 part cooking oil.

 I quite liked it like this

We were totally out of food colouring as instructed, so we used some watered down glitter paint instead.

It looked quite pretty but even when we added the seltzers it didn't do much.  Later in the day, after a shopping run, we tried again with denture tablets and green food colouring.

It did do more of a lava type thing, but it wasn't 'spectacular'. I guess Oscar enjoyed the mixing, so it was worth the very minimum effort it took.

Spiderman has made an appearance in our house  (Netfix has the 1960's Spiderman cartoons), and Oscar has a Spiderman action figure. We decided it would be cool to make some 'EVIL' robots to do battle with Spiderman, so I went back to an old post on Filth Wizardry (love love love Filth Wizardry). 

We printed off some of her robot sheets (see above link), and coloured them in.

For our robots we used

  • Ice cream cone wafer boxes - For the bodies

  • Plastic shot glasses - For the eyes, with googly eyes stuck on

  • Aluminum Foil -  Wrapped and glued around the bodies

  • Pipe cleaners - For the arms

We used a mix of PVA glue and the glue gun to stick them down. I also wrapped some clear tape around them to make them a bit tougher (toddler play is rough)

robot 2

And finally, while I was in the pound shop I picked up a 6 pack of foam sheets (for £1 obviously). Oscar was running out of time (energy) before his bath so I quickly cut out some shapes for him to stick to the tiles.

I used water soluble pen to draw the shapes (in about 5 minutes flat), because I think they will be better with no pen lines. The pen did run down the tiles though, but its soluble so it will come off (I hope). 

All in all, not a bad day. Oh and in case you were wondering, Oscar went to bed at 9 : 45pm last night, and got up at 6 : 30am today. We are all still fairly tired.



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