Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sunday / Sabbath

And rest in the Word I did. Jordan is our new Sunday school teacher and he kicked us off with a  fabulous new approach today. I could sense some resistance in the room to this new guy shaking things up a little but I for one am so happy. Jordan has asked that we back up each answer with a line or verse of scripture. What an interesting challenge. We somehow managed to do it. Next week we are reading from Revelation, I am excited for the prep.

I had  half planned to put the Christmas tree up tonight, but tiredness and a lack of decision yesterday on whether to buy a real or fake tree kind of put the brakes on that. Today I am leaning towards real.

We had Elder Salinas and Elder Neideich over to eat dinner with us tonight and it was lovely to have a full dinner table with lots of chat. Poor wee Oscar was really tired from the late night last night but he made it through. I cooked cottage pie, carrots and broccoli, and we had chocolate trifle and strawberry gateaux for desert. The Elders tried my alcohol free wine, but went straight onto the Schloer. Not big fans I would say.

This week has been quite a week of rich food and fizzy drinks and so my body is yelling for clean simple food. I have spent some time looking up low cost and healthy organic recipes and have a wee bunch to try, mind you, I dont suppose it will stop me eating my Extra Special clotted cream fudge (a birthday gift from a dear friend who remembered chocolate gives me a migraine.

I haven't taken any photos today so here are a few from last night. Isn't Oscar's costume the cutest thing ever?

Glow Sticks :)

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