Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tilly Face

Oscar and I have been pretty tired today. I guess 2 late nights catch up with you in the end. Again it was a work and school day so we went our separate ways at 9am. I spent a good part of the morning sorting out business paperwork both physical and virtual. I guess its the tedious and often frustrating part of being a business owner.

We had lasagna and roast potatoes and carrots for dinner. A bit of winter comfort food. Oscar went to bed with the Noah's Ark story (again), and I had intended on running a bubble bath and reading a book I started reading a long time ago and really was enjoying, however the book is no place to be found, a casualty of the house move perhaps.

I have plans to be out the next 3 evening in a row so tonight I am going to vegetate in front of the TV, currently loving Jessica Jones on Netflix, but with the leading man/bad guy being a local, who can blame me.

ps when I woke up today the kitten was sitting on my hip

Cute but a bit scary at the same time.

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