Saturday, 23 July 2011

Brother Sewing Machine

For some strange reason, my little £50 sewing machine didnt survive the house move.  I tried a few times to make it go with no success. On Thursday I did my weekly trip around the shops, (Thursday instead of Friday this week), and since my sister was driving me home, I took advantage of the opportunity and picked up a new sewing machine. TJ Hughes is closing down and I managed to pick up a new Brother machine for a very reasonable price. And its FAB. I was having a bit of a rough day health wise yesterday, however I mustered the energy and enthusiasm to pull the new machine out of the box, and it sews amazingly well. Here are a couple of things I whipped off in the afternoon.
 100% linen trousers and felt incredibly nice. Oscar apparently agreed because he refused to take them off when I tried them on him to check the size. Hence the dodgy photo, he kept running away
And these I am calling 'Beach Trousers' because they are lightweight cotton (so not terribly warm), and they remind me of deckchair fabric.
Now all I need is beach weather to go with them.



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