Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Captain Hook

After being up so early yesterday, Oscar dropped off on the return buggy ride to the wool shop. He slept until lunch time which turned out well because we had the nursery tour at 1.30pm. The nursery is sort of just off our street. But our street is about 2 miles long. The first half of our street is a very steep incline, so when I reached the point where it levels off and begins to decline, I was very red in the face and quite puffed out. Oscar was in the buggy which was just as well because I probably would have had to drag him up the hill. The nursery was far enough along the straight and into the rural pathways that I had gained my composure by the time I rang the bell. It was extremely hot here yesterday, and since that is 'SO' rare, I dont think the walk will be too bad. The nursery supervisor I had spoken with on the phone had said a ten minute walk from my house to there. It took twenty, she obviously drives it.

The nursery seemed really good (apart from the £60 for 2 mornings a week thing), so we will have to think it over. Oscar wasnt keen to leave so I asked the supervisor if there was a good park around there, and there certainly was. We managed to find (along another country track), The Peter Pan Play Park and Oscar loved it. It was set in so much open space I was able to let him run free and have a wonderful time. After an hour or so, we spied a gate in a high wall and we were just about to investigate when an ice-cream van rolled up to the park, so we stopped for ice-cream first.

The gate, as it turned out led to the cemetery, and for goth baby , who knows what graves are thanks to Scooby Doo, he was in 7th heaven, so to speak.  The gardener couldn't keep the smirk of his face, when he saw Oscar running around shouting 'I see a scary monster and a skeleton, (big gasp), look Mummy', as he pointed off into some dark corner. The gardener was in his 20's with a shaved head and tattoo's, I dont know if an old Ned type would have found it so funny.

We discovered we could walk all the way down through the cemetery and get back to the town, so Oscar had a great time running up and down in a fantasy world of his making. He really is a unique little 2 year old.





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