Thursday, 14 July 2011

Travel Sick Toddler

There were literally 2 occasions in the past when Oscar has been sick in someones car. Duncan had told me he got really travel sick as a boy. It's better he said, but he still cant travel too long, or sit rear facing on a bus or train.  Oscar has been sick 5 times since we moved here, on the 1 hour bumpy bus ride into or returning from the city. He has  looked pale and floppy at some point, every time we make the trip, even by car. He is too young for travel pills, which in my mind are for irregular travel anyway, holidays etc. We have the travel bands, but he has been sick wearing them, so not that effective then.

I now feel like mean mommy when I plan a trip any place involving the bus. I don't think its just distance, we are in beautiful rolling countryside (the gateway to the Glens its called), which means the buses are up and down and round and round. The drivers seem to always have their foot on the brake, I don't drive, but is that necessary?

We went to the city yesterday, but I managed to get a ride there and back. He was still peeky looking, but batteries for his bubble machine managed to ease off my guilt a bit (they don't have the size he needs in the whole of Kirriemuir, odd).  Oh yes, and 2 skull T-shirts, and a travel etch-a-sketch, and a pirate lunch bag. More fool me though, because every one of these things were dropped when he saw a snail in the front garden. I am teaching him the value of nature while showering him with material gifts, how very contrary of me, I bet I am not alone.




Still, the travel sickness, I wish I had known before we moved out to the sticks, I seriously didn't know.

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