Monday, 25 July 2011

Rights And Wrongs

There have been a lot of 'wrongs' in my life lately, some big, some small, some I have mentioned  and some I haven't, for instance I spent £200 having hair extensions put in 2 weeks ago and I hate them, and have pulled nearly all of them out. Some of the 'wrongs' I cant talk about just now because they are still being resolved, and I need to work things out before I can write about them. The upshot is though, I am a bit afraid to try anything, because I am worried what will go wrong. Its a terrible place to be. I know a lot of my problem is rushing into things without a waiting period, its the low boredom business again, it makes me very impatient.

On Saturday I had an appointment scheduled for a new Tattoo. I have taken 12 YEARS to decide on a 2nd one, not exactly impetuous, but I was scared to go. Would I be ill, faint, throw up, would the tattoo artist balls it up, do it squint, go off on her own tangent? Yikes, this is what paranoia looks like.

It went 'right' though. The tattoo artist (link for the locals) was amazing, and thankfully, I love it.

So, does this mean the winds are changing? I hope so. I have a long list of things in my head which I need to put into place to make things 'right', but at least I know what the wrongs are now, maybe I can get through that list and settle into a happier more contented period.

The biggest asset to me right now is my family. They really do mean the whole world to me, and I love them dearly, secure in the knowledge that they love me back.

My little guy, he is most definitely a 'right'





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