Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tickled Pink

Things have been pretty slow around here knitting wise. It tends to be my way of working though. I knit like a crazy woman for a few weeks, then I drop it for a few weeks. I am still determined to knit a hat for everyone (one each not one hat, you know what I mean lol), for Christmas. I have managed 2 so far, not exactly ploughing through then, but at least I have made a start.

On Monday I was trying to get myself motivated to get on with it when Oscar lost another hat, the 3rd one this Autumn. I decided that knitting him a new one would get me back into the mood of knitting. I normally just choose a simple pattern and knit it up in a wool of my choosing. This time I asked him to choose his own wool. Anyone who has read my posts about my little Goth Baby wont be surprised in slightest by his choice.

pics 041

pics 042

pics 050


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