Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Things I Need To Know

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: :  The utilities run on card meters, as discovered when the gas ran out just before lunchtime.


: :  The rain sounds louder here, there are no leaks it is safe to stop searching for puddles indoors


: : The ice-cream from the Italian Ice-Cream parlour tastes fantastic but costs the same as the train ticket into the city


: :  You should take special care of your address book when moving house especially when it has encrypted versions of your phone banking details and you need to transfer money


: :  People will want to visit because you live at the seaside, even if you are only half unpacked and you have eaten all the chocolate biscuits in a fit of stress


: : The church band (here) are just odd, (they played the Chariots Of Fire theme tune as exit music on Sunday)


: : The dazzling white walls in every room wont last so its best to enjoy them while we can (I have already sponged fingerprints off the hall walls)


: : This is a lovely house and a lovely place to live, AND we are incredibly lucky to find ourselves here.


: : If I have Oscar with me when I pop into Superdrug for a new Nail Varnish, he will cry like a teenage girl until I buy him a gold glitter pot of his own.



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