Monday, 7 May 2012

Healthy Drinks

I need to pick myself up physically, and as well as ordering a fabulous new BOOK. I have been having a look at some videos on smoothie making. Like this one.




We picked up an inexpensive smoothie maker from town and a selection of fruit and veg and decided to have a go at a breakfast smoothie.

Since I am still having morning sickness I decided to lean more on the fruit for now, because mowed lawn in a glass isn't conducive with nausea.


18 001


18 002

Don't forget to add water, we added about 1 pint


18 003


18 004


18 005


18 006


I wasn't sure if this was still too bitter for Oscar (it was actually quite sweet, but you know 3 year olds), and I contemplated a bit of honey in his, but decided to let him have a go without it. I gave him a straw though,because it makes them easier to drink, and he managed the whole glass. This made a glass each for Oscar, Aimee and I with about 1 glass worth left over. I put the leftovers into lolly moulds and popped them into the freezer.

I definitely want to try more recipe's, especially berries and seeds.




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