Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just after Ellie's delivery, the most lovely online friend Jeanette emailed and asked if she could sent me a memory blanket. I knew that Jeanette made blankets for her local hospital (for the bereavement suite), and I was very touched that she thought of us. The blanket arrived a few days later and it was so soft and lovely. I have to admit I spilt a few tears on it, both for the act of kindness and also for my little baby who would never be wrapped in it.

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In a totally selfish way I suppose, I kept thinking that it must help to do something for someone else. I could imagine that being able to make something for another Mama would fulfil that need to do 'something', with regards to baby loss.

Two days ago I was reading some blogs when a link to a website caught my eye. The website is called Upon Butterfly Wings, and they send out packages to bereaved or soon to be bereaved parents (pregnant Mama's who know their baby will be born sleeping). The packs for soon to be and newly bereaved parents are free, and include, a blanket, 2 items of burial clothing, a small teddy, a small candle in an organza bag and an angel keepsake charm.  They also send out what they call a Butterfly Wings box which includes 8 different items (details on their site). The Butterfly Box costs £10 in the UK and £20 elsewhere, (postage included in that), but it is non profit and the money goes back into buying things for the scheme. 

They have a donations page and on this page they link to knitting, crochet and sewing patterns, free to download, and ask very humbly for donations.

This seemed like the perfect way for me to help someone else and so I cast on almost immediately.

If you think you would be able to make something for another baby who left the world too soon, I would urge you to take a look at the site.

Here are the links.

Upon Butterfly Wings and Patterns Link

Can I just say though, that the term angel is used quite a bit, and I know that upsets some parents who feel it detracts from the fact that their baby was a living breathing person, and not a wispy figment. I personally have no objections to this, but any baby loss parents reading this may wish to skip the site  it if they think it will offend.

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Angel Wraps - For babies up to 16 weeks gestation




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