Thursday, 30 June 2011

21st Century Mama

  • When you are so tired it hurts

  • When you are sick of painkillers but cant manage without them

  • When you desperatly want another baby, but seriously doubt the possibility

  • When you love being a Mama, but often feel bored to death

  • When your hair, nails and eyebrow grooming comes after play-doh monsters on the things to do list

  • When you have a huge trampoline in the garden but cant risk a bounce

  • When you used to be slim and confident and are now overweight with zero confidence

  • When one best friend moves to New Zealand and the other dumps you when a late baby comes your way

  • When you are neat fanatic without the energy to carry it through (so it drives you mad)

  • When you are often anemic so look much better with a tan but dont usually tan and in fact do an impressive shade of lobster

  • When all of these niggles go away because your two year old lays a chubby little arm around you and say 'I dont like you Mummy, I LOVE you'

Then you will have some idea of what fills my day.


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