Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Post On Knitting And A Rocking Chair


Good Morning! No seriously, its a good morning, no rain today for the first time since Friday. I know that's only 4 days, but its 4 days in June. Whenever I start to moan about the weather though, it always reminds of The Big Yin (that's Billy Connolly to you), and his joke about 'Where do you think Scotland is? The Pyrenees? Mountain rescue are sick of rescuing tourists in khaki shorts and sandshoes.' Ahem, true true.

Anyway, the knitting. As I said yesterday I managed to knit a pair of hats at the weekend. It started out as one green and cream slouch hat for myself, but Oscar now has the impression that everything I knit is for him. In all fairness it nearly always is, but I promised myself this hat. So a deal was struck that I would make him a matching hat in a colour of his choosing, he chose yellow. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my hat yet (I couldn't face the mirror yesterday), but here is Oscars.

Mine is exactly the same but in green and larger. I made up the VERY simple pattern myself, I may put it up as a freebie PDF. Mama and Toddler matching slouch hat. If anyone would be interested?

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the yellow bundle in the background, its Oscars 'knitting'.

Oscar calls knitting, 'knitty knotty' can you see why?

So, while we are on the subject of knitting, what do you think arrives in the post on the day I have nothing to knit?

And what do you think comes home with a very kind husband on the day you want to sit down and knit with your new knitting needles?

Still, I did manage to make some curtains out of a single duvet cover for the new house . And that chair is begging for a new cover and back cushion.





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