Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Sunny Day In Rural Scotland

Yes, it finally arrived today in much abundance. The sunshine that is. I make no apologies for the volume of photos about to follow, we may not get another sunny day for another 2 weeks.

The first picture of the day was meant to be of Oscar running happily up the garden, but just as I clicked it, he fell down -

He seemed to decide he quite liked it down there -

It seems the last tennant wasnt much into the garden, and that coupled with 2 weeks of rain meant we really had to cut the grass, so Aimee and I did it between us. Oscar informed us his little wheelbarrow was a 'cutter grass' and he helped with the grass collection.

Tea and cake was an absolute must for the workers

Then Mama did some outdoor knitting

And Oscar went off to play in the long grass at the end of the garden (we need a longer extension cable)

We are hoping for more of the same tomorrow. I hope you have had a lovely day too.










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