Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some Photo's Of The Country House

I had written a long post last night about the hell that was yesterday. It seems the Gods didnt want me to publish it because Typepad chewed it up and spat it out. Maybe it sensed I was in an emotional state and thought it best to leave that out of the blog? Anyway, here is the abbreviated version

~No money in bank

Bus to new house didnt turn up ~

Caught bus 1 hour late ~

Oscar was VERY sick on both of us on late bus ~

Had to wear awful Red Cross Charity clothes to house handover ~

Red Cross charity clothes better than vomit clothes ~

Got house handover no problems ~

Went for celebratory lunch in 'THE' cafe in village ~

Had no lunch, chef set herself on fire as we got there ~

Caught bus back to city, no sick this time ~

Bag fell open and contents fell out onto young man on bus ~

Spilt contents included, 3 nappies, 2 sanitary towels, lots of scraps of paper, 1/2 chewed lolly, 1 dirty bib, mobile phone, etc etc ~

Went to bank branch ~

Bank froze account because I don't normally have so much money going in (a large check went in) ~

Have to return to bank today ~

Went home in pleated skirt and see through blouse from Red Cross and cried.

Yup, do you believe in 'signs'?

I did take some photos of the house though, its not all the rooms and they are a bit scrappy because the were taken on my phone, but you can get some idea.

Back to the bank today and the removers come tomorrow at 9am. I am not sure if I will manage to post again until the weekend or after, so wish us luck, please wish us luck.





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