Monday, 27 June 2011

Getting In To A Routine

I am missing the flow I never knew I had. I read a lot in blog-land about rhythm and flow, and ponder on it. I guess it sort of means routine, in a relaxed sort of way. I was never good at routine. I love the idea of it, and I think I mentioned here before that I say lets get organised, a lot, but I never manage to stick to it. It comes with having a low boredom threshold I think.

Now we have moved to this lovely new house, I realise I did have a flow/rhythm to my day. Through Monday to Friday at least, Oscar and I had our own little way of doing things and they have evaporated before my eyes, and I find myself sitting not knowing what to do next. Its partly due to the house being completely different to the old one. The old house was a mid terrace standard layout, ground floor - lounge, dining room, kitchen, 1st floor - bathroom, 3 bedrooms, pretty standard. This house is set out a little different, Ground floor - bathroom, dining room / informal lounge, kitchen, 1st floor - lounge, playroom, Aimee's room, 2nd floor -  Our bedroom, Oscar's bedroom. There is also an amazing sun-room in the garden (freestanding, it was once a jewellery studio/shop), and we also have an old-fashioned wash house which houses the laundry appliances (luckily I don't have a spider fear). The sun-room has bags and boxes in it from the move which we are slowly working our way through, but once its empty and given a lick of paint, its going to be amazing.

Running up and own 3 flights of stairs may be good for our fitness levels (or general lack of, around here), but my memory these days is awful, and you can be sure I will forget many things over the course of the day and have to run up and down many times. Oscar likes to chat on the stairs, which is sweet, but when we are at the top balancing a cup of tea, a menagerie of stuffed toys and my knitting basket, and I am bursting for the loo and need to get to the ground flour, the shine comes off the lets count each step twice and chat to the cats on the way game.

I guess we need to find a new rhythm, its funny missing somthing I never knew I had, maybe the new one will slip into place when I am not looking like the last one did. I hope so, my poor bladder cant take this much exercise.

Its not all gone to pot though, we have actually managed to cobble together a summer nature table (shelf). Oscar loves it, I think its pretty cute too, what do you think?


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