Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Packing For A House Move


The packing and chaos continues. Don't worry, I am bound to get sick of talking about it soon. The problem is, one of my favorite phrases is, 'lets get organised' (only being knocked off the top spot by 'lets move the furniture around'). It seems that moving house encompasses both of these things, but I would never ordinarily tackle every room in the ho  use at once.

Oscar seems to be coping with it all rather well, possibly due to the volume of empty cardboard boxes around the place. He is also enjoying snooping through the clutter coming out of the cupboards and the attic. He spent a delightful hour last night playing 'making tea' with my vintage Goblins teasmade.

Today I have a trip into town ahead of me. I woke up convinced it was sunny today, but I must have been dreaming in yellow because it is pouring with rain (again).

On the craft front, I finished a pair of hats yesterday, pictures to follow. And now I only have 1 knitting project to do, but I havent got the wool yet, because I am trying to be sensible with money. Ok, that really means, we have no cooker for the new house and its going to be costly. Since doing a few rows of knitting is managing to calm me down and give me a few moments thinking time, its almost mandatory to have something on the go. The solution? Sell your unfitting designer dress(s) on Ebay and buy wool with the money. Keep your fingers crossed my pink designer dress makes enough to buy 10 50g balls of Merino Aran for a special project.

And lastly, what do you do when you have another stressful day ahead of you? Isnt it obvious? You make wholemeal orange marmalade muffins.

In the shape of roses and hearts.


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