Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What To Do On A Wet Monday

Today started off the same as nearly every other day, regardless of weather or plans for the day, Oscar likes to watch an episode of Noddy, and yes I know tut tut bad TV watching Mama. But he loves it so, and it least each episode has a moral lesson (that's what I am telling myself).

I had hoped hoped hoped for nice weather today, because after a week of rain, Oscar has ramped up his capacity for mischief making.

We managed to make a dash to the shop to buy the ingredients for broccoli soup and cheese biscuits, recipe ideas are HERE

Of course its not like we had no fun, since Mama had her camera out, monkey see, monkey do

And since it was still raining, and rained all afternoon, there was nothing else for it.

Lets hope we can get out to play today.









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