Thursday, 2 June 2011

Napping Toddlers And Knitting

Its fair to say Oscar is one of these children/babies who don't like to sleep. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to stay awake, although sprinting around the bed is his most common tactic. He sings, shouts, whispers, giggles and 'pumps' and tells you he has 'pumped' in order to keep the vocabulary going and stay awake. He has very rarely just lay down and went to sleep. Today I witnessed one such rare occasion. He started out hiding behind the curtain in the dining room, where the sliding doors are. Then slowly he slid to the floor and lay in a chink of sun watching little white clouds puff bye on a blue sky (its fairly windy again). I watched as his body relaxed and slowly his eyelids closed. I carried him carefully to the sofa, kissed his sweet little head, and marvelled at the miracle of him.

On the crafting front, I have finished another (long), weekend jumper. I have to admit though, this one is a bit too heavy for spring/summer, even here in Scotland. I realised this once I had completed the back and felt the weight of it, so I knitted a few extra rows in the sleeves so it will last until winter. I am sure that the little splash of green and the memory of my boy falling asleep in the sun watching the clouds go by, will brighten up a gloomy winters day for us.


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