Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The New House And What's Lost

- And we have internet. Oh my, what an internet addict I have become. I was honestly having a bit of a strop about it taking 4 days for BT to get it up and running, pathetic or what?

The house is good though and we are all taking to it quite well. Even the cat. Oscar has asked to go 'home' a few times, but only when he is tired and trailing his blanket around behind him sleepy eyed.

Duncan has a 1 hour bus journey each way until he passes (fingers crossed), his driving test. Today was his first day back at work and he said it wasnt too bad. I used to moan about him coming home at 6pm though so 7pm is going to bug me (until we get a car).

Oh, and while I remember, can you send some lost/found vibes our way please, we are currently hunting for

  • The tin opener (fortunately the organic tinned tomatoes have a ring pull or the pasta sauce would have been fairly yuck tonight)

  • The cordless telephone (my parents bakelite is working in the meantime but its quite crackly)

  • Oscar's sippy cups (I caved in here, after 4 days of spills, and bought one from the pharmacy)

  • The 2nd toiletry bag with the shampoo

  • The box for the current reading books

  • The flip folder with Oscars little DVD collection (Pingu being the most asked for).

Right, now I have the internet again, I am off to frown at the astronomical price of braided rugs and ponder on the ease/difficulty of making one.







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