Thursday, 9 June 2011

I Bought Yarn, Oops

So there I was, strolling along in the sunshine and I accidentally fell into the wool shop, oh my goodness, how did that happen? So to back up a bit, sometimes you cant help yourself can you?

After I hit publish on yesterdays post, I went about my business of hoovering up scrambled egg and toast crumbs (what do you mean that's not good for my hoover? and ooh have I told you how much I love my dyson? oh I do love it so, even at that astronomical price). I could tell the postman was at the door because Oscar began jumping up and down like a flea and pointing at the door, he gets just as excited at parcel post as me. So what do you think the parcel was, for the woman with 18 pairs of new bamboo knitting needles, a new rocking chair and no wool?

Yeah, did you think I was going to say wool? No, instead it was 'Weekend knitting : 50 unique projects by Melanie Falick, Amazon link HERE Oscar was slightly disappointed it wasn't for him, but while I finished Dysoning, Oscar looked through the pictures (anyone who has seen the book, his favorite project was the egg cozies in the shape of little jumpers). Well goodness me, that was enough to put me over the edge. I had also promised to knit a matching hat as the mama and toddler slouch hats mentioned before, for Duncan. Duncan didnt ask for it by the way, when I put Oscar and mine on, he smiled and said, 'where's Daddy's?' I had a trip out planned anyway, so thats when I fell into the wool shop to buy some organic cotton blend in a lovely shade of blue for Daddy's hat.

Since I am doing another post on knitting (you would think I had nothing else going on in my life at the moment), I braved the mirror today and took a picture of my hat (see yesterdays post for Oscars).

Right, back to the knitting, em packing, no knitting, no packing.



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