Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Mixed Bag

Today has been a real mixed bag of activities and emotions. Oscar was up at 7am, crying in the dark for a bottle of milk (I have set his 3rd birthday as the rough time to withdrawn the baby accoutrements, whew, ain't looking forward to it). When we wake I usually fetch him a drink in our bed, pull back the curtains and we watch the sky changing colour together. It is a peaceful start to the day, blighted by the sudden memory of a chocolate advent stocking hanging up downstairs.

I still think the littlest one is not getting enough sleep and in turn neither are we (his middle of the night wakings and lack of daytime nap are to blame). It makes the highs and lows in a day too numerous to document. He looks quite sad in the picture above, but here he is dancing and twirling and being very joyful just a moment later.

And that pretty much sums things up. Up and down, up and down. We made some star cheese scones (RECIPE HERE), which were very easy to make and very tasty.

I would say they were a 50/50 success because one lump of mix was thrown on the floor in a temper (because he couldn't get it out of the cutter and didn't want me to help), and he then refused to eat them but licked the butter off and said they were 'yucky' (which they weren't).

By the time Daddy got home the mood was tense to say the least and dinner was a disaster because we were all tired and grumpy. The weather isn't helping. because the wind and rain is back again with a vengeance. This is what I could see out of the window tonight.

Not a lot except some blurry lights and slashes of rain

Strangely enough though, Oscar's mood picked up greatly after bath time and he ran around being silly before going willingly to bed. I tried to photograph his rather fetching ensemble for bed (mis- matched PJ's, sunglasses and his tatty pink vanity case), but it proved more difficult than I expected.

I am looking forward to going up to bed tonight, if for no other reason than a change of vibe. On wet winter days I seem to tread the same circle on the ground floor, the lounge the hall the dining room the kitchen, the lounge, round and round all day.

I don't have a bedside table just now, because the bed is a super-king-size (6ft wide and 6ft2 long), and to fit everything in was impossible, so on the bedside chair I have this waiting for me.

I fully intend to put on a nice cosy nightgown and crawl in to my giant bed (with tea and a bit of chocolate) long before the clock strikes 9pm and not come out again until we pull the curtains back again to watch the sky tomorrow, (although I expect the wind howling all around the house will break into the peace a bit, brrrr).

PS I want to give a warm welcome into the world to a beautiful little lady, arent December babies just wonderful (says a December baby lol). LINKY

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