Thursday, 15 December 2011

Onwards We Go

Oscar decided it was a fine time to start the day at 4.50am this morning. We thought we would talk him back to sleep (sometimes it works), but by the time an hour passed and he was pleading for breakfast, we knew the day had began. I don't often see Duncan in the morning because he leaves by 7am and on the whole Oscar, and in turn I usually snooze until 7.30am-ish. While it was nice to commiserate on the earliness of the hour together, we would both have swapped for an extra hour in bed without a doubt. It wasn't all bad though, because Oscar noticed that the moon was shining in the bedroom window, and as cute as can be, asked us all to stand in the moonshine together.

By the time I yanked my nightgown off and threw on a dress it was 8am and I/we had been up for over 3 hours, yawn. I can see we have a long day ahead of us.

We have some crafting to finish off from yesterday and I have a mountain of little guys to knit...........
I have a wise man knitted but not sewn up, so only 2 more wise men, 3 shepherds and the baby (Je as we affectionately call him in this house, pronounced Gee). I expect I could find patterns for animals, but I think that livestock should wait for next year, and we can raid Oscars farm set for the required ensemble. Ah well, time to stop hiding behind the laptop and address the fact that I have allowed my child to eat peppermint bark at 9.15am (it is Christmas you know).


6 008

7 009

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