Saturday, 10 December 2011

Home Made Victorian Christmas Cards

Today we decided to continue our home made Christmas theme (we are trying to make as much as we can), with home made cards. Since the Victorians are generally recognised as the founders of the Christmas we have now, I decided some Victorian style cards were in order.

We used -

1 - Some coloured card - I used a pack of blank cards and envelopes, not seen here, but £1.50 from the works. Oscars card was actually thick paper from the ELC.

2 - A packet of Paper Doilies - Ours were from the Pound Shop, we bought a pack with 3 different sizes (see also Thursdays snowflake post).

3 - Printed Images - We found some Victorian images on Google and printed them out on A5 sheets of cream/off white paper.

Not In The Picture - We also used

4 - A Hot Glue Gun

5 - A Rubber Christmas Tree Stamp

6 - PVA

7 - Glitter

8 - Pens

9 - Green Poster Paint

For Oscars cards, we glued the doilies to the card (or paper folded in a card shape), then we glued the image to the centre of the Dollie. Oscar then dabbed some PVA on the image and sprinkled with glitter.

(Don't worry I glued the loose ones down again)

For mine, we stuck the images down first onto cream cards. We cut the centre out of the smaller doilies, and glued the doilies over the images. It was traditional to have a blank space on the front of your card to write merry Christmas yourself (I used a photo editor to do it but you could always glue a small blank piece of paper onto the image).

On the inside we used our rubber stamp and green paint to stamp our image.

I bought the stamps months ago on Ebay, but if you are handy with a potato and a cutter I expect you could make a simple stamp of your own ( a star maybe?).

We had fun making them, and although they may not be the most professional looking cards in the world, I hope they will be appreciated.

3 002

3 003

3 009

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