Friday, 16 December 2011

No Drama

Well, yesterday didn't go as badly as expected. I do worry when I am very very overtired, its not something I cope with very well. In the past I have mistook tiredness for actual illness it affects me so badly, and I have been known to weep all day on and off due to sheer exhaustion (and wondered if I had depression, when in fact a few days rest sorted it out).

Maybe we were just both too tired to kick up a fuss over anything, but the day went fairly smoothly. And something lovely happened too. When Oscar was a baby he gurgled and cooed and sang and hummed all day long. Then as soon as words formed he stopped singing almost completely. He didn't even like music being played to him and would cry to have it turned off, (probably a bit disappointing for his Papa who was(is), a musician when I met him.

Over the week I have sneaked some Christmas songs on, but only occasionally. Well, yesterday, Oscar spent the whole day singing. With music, without music and making his own music (piano, drum beating, keyboard etc). After a long period of no song it was the cutest thing ever, ever, ever. FYI Duncan sings to him at night and that's ok, but normally he covers your mouth and says 'don't sing' Maybe he only associates it with being put to sleep, I used to sing to him until I was hoarse when he was tiny, Duncan wondered how on earth I knew so many nursery rhymes and lullabies.

All in all, it was a pretty chilled out day. In the afternoon we attempted some paper chains, but it didnt last long.

So we snuggled up on the sofa to watch THE POLAR EXPRESS, one of my own personal Christmas favorites. This didn't last long either and the afternoon nap made a one off appearance again.

I tried a little bit of knitting while Oscar slept but I was going cross-eyed so eventually I gave up and I dozed beside him instead. Then there were 4

We have a busier day ahead of us today, I can only hope it runs as smoothly.

6 001

6 005

7 006

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